The following is recently uncovered information concerning Sons of an Illustrious Father:


"...‘Sons of an Illustrious Father’ is a band that became popular during the beginning of the fifth Galactic Era. The band is made up of two Terrans, (Earth based organism) and one Robidian, (Outer Rim Supersentient syntehnoid).


‘Lilah’ the first of the two Terrans, was born while her mother was skydiving, but claims that the experience ‘wasn’t as disorienting as you’d think’. Lilah claims she almost didn’t even get a chance to make music due to the three years she spent as an Octopus after losing a high stakes gamble with the Magician of the Great Barrier Reef.


'Ezra,' the second of the two Terrans, was born in an industrial wine glass smoothing factory, many believe this is the cause for his fear of using too much glue in his craft projects. It is rumored he tastes purple.


The Robidian was hurled through space by an Outer Rim Ballistic Spore Manifestation Orb. After landing on Earth, it quickly found an ideal host, a Terran named 'Josh.' When the host was interviewed he mentioned, 'Obviously it hurts when it carves out your nasal passageway in search of your brain stem, but in return you get infinite wisdom, immortality, and telepathic ability, so you know, it comes down to how you look at it.'"